Ever wanted to know what it is like to train with Jeff Seid and the Harrison Twins?
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After being in the UK only a few months ago for Bodypower with Gym Shark I'm heading back this month. I will be taking part in Justin Tayler's Summer of Legends and Launching my new official UK website.
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Elf brah x) Been a fan of fantasy since I was a lil kid! Andd seeing this awesome drawing really brought out my inner nerd Always wished the world could be like a WoW realm. Hehe. Thank you Luxelle Devilight for this bad ass drawing!
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Less than 2 weeks out from my first pro show in Tampa! Can't wait to step on stage with the pro's and show em how it's done Gotta win this show to qualify for the Mr. Olympia. Diet starts tomorrow. Weighing 200lbs shredded atm. 5% bf here I comeee....
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Really pleased to get my first front cover of Shock Magazine
Shock Magazine
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